Wednesday, January 24, 2007

car movies..

have you ever watch harbie fully loaded released on 2005? the film tells about a car, act like human, who competed a race and be the winner. I think it was a good movie. You might also like movies about cars such as the "Tokyo drift" or "Gone in 60 seconds".
You can visit to read an article about the 5 best car movies and 5 worst car movies. Tokyo drift included in the category of worst films. i wonfer how could that be haha ..
In car movies, so many accidents scene occur. I was thinking to have a safeauto car and also have Auto insurance. This can protect me from the accident. Back to our topic about car movies. In PlayItSafeBlog.SafeAuto com you can read the article about the best and worst car movie. This could be your guide to buy the dvd's about cars. Now, I want to find the best war movie category.

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